Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Prayer Needed!

Prayer Needed!
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Greetings to all of our friends who regularly read and pray about our needs.

A week ago a number of our young people over the age of 18 were able to vote for the first time in their lives. They were very happy for the chance to do so in spite of it turning out to be a very difficult thing for some of them to do. After standing in line a the polling place in our town for over an hour they found out they were not registered to vote there. So some of them had to walk 2 miles down the road to the next polling station to vote, while some of them succeeded in voting there others had to come all the way back because they weren't registered there either. In the end they were able to vote, but it took them most of the day to do so!

We had asked you to pray for 9 year old Enitel last week. Unfortunately he passed away on Saturday morning. We were sad we couldn't help him more, but were also glad that he was a believer, and is no longer suffering.

The kids were supposed to start school yesterday, but we've had two straight days of non-stop raining, so they've had an extra extension on their vacation days from the elections. We thought it was funny, some of our friends in the North East US were stuck at home for snow days, and we were stuck here with rain days! They've had a nice time catching up on work around the house, and even taking a few naps here and there, it's been good for them, sometimes life just gets too busy.

Four of our older girls started using their Child Evangelism Training this past week. Phania, Vonette and Dada are teaching two clubs, one at our local church on Sunday afternoons, and one here at the HOH on Wednesday evenings. Stephanie is teaching Sunday School here at the HOH to the younger children on Sunday mornings. We are excited to see them using their talents and skills to present the Gospel to children.

We are continuing with our other Bible studies during the week. We are just starting to study Prayer on Tuesday nights with the older kids, as well as God's plan for the family on Saturday nights. Sunday evenings we are studying the book of Psalms with everyone. This coming Sunday each of the family groups will be writing their own Psalm to share or sing to the rest of us. It should be very interesting.

We would ask you all to pray fervently for this country, pray for peace and stability, and safety for our friends, students and colleagues in PAP at this time. We also want to assure you that we are doing fine where we are, but do appreciate your prayers for us as well, it is always hard on the kids when there is trouble around the country. We have two teams scheduled to come in to help us out with various projects this week. Please pray for wisdom and safety as we make decisions and seek the Lord's direction.

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