Friday, September 14, 2007

School has started...

Greetings to you all. School is now under way. All 30 of our students are now regularly attending their respective schools. It feels nice to have things on a more "normal" schedule. We pray that the students have a good and productive year this year in school. We thank the Lord for providing the funding needed to send them to school, He is indeed a great God, and always takes care of us so faithfully. Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf.

The past couple of weeks saw much activity here at the HOH. Besides getting ready for school opening, we enjoyed seeing our friends from England. They were a blessing to us as they brought us a lot of medications, especially the anti-TB meds, as well as other antibiotics that we need on a regular basis. We thank God for these faithful supporters of this ministry.

Another grand occasion we celebrated this past week was Linda's birthday. This picture is of the two of us at her party, we had a lot of fun preparing for and celebrating her birthday. The HOH loves a good party, so having an extra special reason for having one made it that much more fun.

Our Bible studies have begun again as well. On Tuesday nights Linda and I meet with a small group of our young people. Right now we are studying Who God is. We've been going through different Old Testament Characters, and learning what we can about Who God is, through looking at their lives and their relationship with God. It has been a very good study together up to now, and we enjoy spending time together, learning about God, and Who He is for us personally, right here and now.

On Saturday nights we have about 30 young people (most of them ours, and some of them from the local community). We are studying God's plan for the family, discussing relationships, dating, marriage, and all of these types of things. You can imagine we have some pretty lively discussions during this study time. But it is exciting to see God's Word taking root in the hearts of our young people, and making a difference in their every day lives.

Sunday mornings for a Sunday School time, Linda, St. Germain, Rosnel, and I are going through the Character Studies with the younger children. We've done Attentiveness, Obedience, and are now working through Truthfulness. Sunday nights we all get together, about 50 in all, and we are presently studying and learning many different Proverbs, and studying how we can put them into practice in our every day lives. These are always fun nights full of games and discussions, as we learn and study God's Word together.

Planning and preparing these lessons takes up much of my time. I would appreciate your prayers as I work on these, and also for everyone participating in these studies, that the Holy Spirit would use these studies in God's Word to make us more like Jesus everyday.

We appreciate your prayers for our sick children. Two (Bendjy and Keisha) of the ones you were praying for are doing really well, and will probably be heading home any day now. Shelov passed away just a few days after I wrote the last blog. It is always hard for us to lose on of the children here, but we trust in God, that He knows what's best for these children. We now have 4 new children who could use your prayers as they receive medical care over the next few months. Emerson and Andley are 2 baby boys, they've been here several days now, and are starting to do much better. Just today two 7 year olds were admitted, one boy (Widnel), and one girl (Aline). Please pray for a quick adjustment for these two children, and for healing for their bodies. Pray also as we share the Love of Jesus with them, that their minds and hearts would be open to the Good news of Jesus.

Ciliana continues to be a joy to us. We aren't sure yet what we are going to do about her tests, we will need to take her to PAP if we want to go further at this point, and we are unsure of whether or not we should do that. She continues to be extremely healthy, now working on her 3rd and 4th teeth, she is over 14 pounds, and working on putting on more! Please continue to pray for wisdom for us as we make decisions on a daily basis for these children. Also continue to pray for God's provision of all of our needs, as we bring His hope to the needy children of Haiti.

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