Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Toys!!

Greetings from the HOH. Jenny is back from PAP, Linda is finished teaching her courses, and we are trying to get everyone and everything ready for school that is opening on Monday the 3rd. Where oh where did the summer vacation go?

Thank you for your prayers for the boat and customs and all of that. We were able to receive a number of boxes over the weekend, and among them were three tubs of new toys for the kids. They have been having so much fun on the trikes, and with the balls, and all kinds of other things. We are so thankful for the church in Vancouver, WA whose children collected and sent these toys to our children.

I was not able to take Ciliana to PAP for testing, so that will have to happen at another time. We are looking forward to our friends from England, and the Hands of Hope who will be coming this Friday to spend a week with us.

Most of the Our Hope young people who went to visit their homes, are back. Several of them had the opportunity to teach 5 Day clubs in their home areas while visiting, and a number of children came to know Jesus as their Savior as a result of these clubs. We are thankful that God is using our young people to teach others about Him.

We have a number of new babies who have come to the HOH with severe malnutrition. Their names are Bendjy, Shelov, and Keisha. Please pray for them and their parents who are staying with them as they are really struggling to make it.

We appreciate your prayers for us very much. These next few days/weeks as we get everyone ready and into school will be very busy ones for us. We also will begin our evening Bible studies, so I could use your prayers as I prepare the materials for these. Please continue to pray for God's provision for our needs, and that we would be lights, shining forth God's love to those around us.

Have a great week!

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