Saturday, April 02, 2016

Prayer needed again

Good Morning!  We hope you are doing well and enjoyed a wonderful Easter season.  At the HOH it was a great week, it is always one of our favorites during the year.  

This year as usual we put on a week long conference with meetings each evening.  Various pastors, speakers and singing groups from our local community churches came and participated in the services.  Each night we had a packed yard as hundreds of children, young people and even adults from our community came to sing, and hear God's Word.  

Here are some pictures:
 The musicians
 The Praise and Worship team
 Those who came
A young boy's singing group from a local church

We are so pleased for the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus with those in our local community and so thankful for all of our young people who worked so hard to put this on.  Linda had nothing but praise for all of the HOH youth as they really helped her out to pull this off.

Now it is back to school and life as normal! But as life gets back to normal we need to once again ask you for prayer for little Lyse and her parents.  She did fairly well these past couple of weeks but she is now starting to fail again.  Her blood count has gotten dangerously low.  She received one blood transfusion this past week and one again yesterday.  They think she will need more today.  This is such a difficult time for Jumalia, her husband Andly and the HOH family.  Please keep them in your prayers during these difficult days.

We appreciate you all for your prayers, financial support and the many other ways you lift up this ministry.  Blessings on each one of you!

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