Monday, September 25, 2017

Home Again, Home Again

Many thanks for your prayers last week.  Hurricane Maria turned North and other than some strong rains that evening mostly missed the HOH.  Boy did it ever do damage where it hit though -- we feel very grateful that we were not on that hit list.

We appreciated your prayers for Linda's trip to Port-au-Prince as well.  She had a great trip down, a good conference with the mission leadership and a nice visit with some long time friends she hadn't seen for a while.  Unfortunately, the trip back was not so nice. 

The bottom line is, our vehicle is old.  It's been working hard for almost 20 years now, and it is definitely showing it's age.  It broke down 3 different times on her way back, making the normally 6 - 7 hour trip turn into a 26 hour saga -- most of those hours spent sitting by the side of the road. When she arrived back home this morning, she was very thankful for our prayers for safety, and that the trip was over!

Another answer to prayer, the boat arrived in Haiti.  They started to receive the shipment of food today -- always a good day when the groceries arrive!

Please continue to pray:
  • For our students as they dig into their school work.
  • For Lyse, she has once again had a bad turn in her health and has been hospitalized needing blood transfusions.
  • For Jenny as she is planning a quick trip back to Haiti in about a month -- everyone is thrilled about this "bonus" trip.
  • For some decisions about our sick vehicle... that we'd be able to fix what we can to continue using it for now -- and for wisdom to know what to do about the future.
  • As always,  our financial needs never seem to go away!  Please pray for some more monthly donors to help us out as we bring Hope in its many forms to the kids in our care. 
 Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this special work. 

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