Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Recently Baptized!

Recently Baptized!
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It was a great weekend! What a joy is was to see Jean Daniel, Mikerlange, Dada and Vonette (Pictured here the day of their baptism) be baptized and join the fellowship of our local church here in La Pointe. We already have other young people express a desire to be baptized when the church has another baptism in March. It's so exciting to see this spiritual growth in the lives of our young people.

On Sunday evening Ronel, Manno, Stephanie and Vonette sang in a concert with their worship group "Alleluia". It was encouraging last night to hear Stephanie tell how a Bible study we just recently concluded called "It's Not about Me" helped her change her attitude towards singing in public. She said she used to sing and take all the glory for herself. She has since learned that we are created for the Glory of God, and now when she sings she sings for God's glory. In her words she won't "steal" God's glory anymore! God is working and changing lives...thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of our young people.

We welcomed back Dieunika, a six year old girl we had asked you to pray for previously. She was so sick the Dr. decided to take her from the HOH and put her in the hospital for a while. It is truly a miracle that she is still alive. She went through a very rough time, her parents had even thought of just taking her home so she could die at home. But God had other plans and now she is doing just great!

We've also had several other very sick children admitted in the past week. 7 year old Manouchka is extremely sick with TB and malnutrition, and 5 year old Wesly has returned to the HOH for the second time extremely malnourished as well. Please keep these two in your prayers. Also, our babies, especially Sabrina and Kendly, are having a really rough time getting over the flu we had going around the HOH. Please pray for them specifically. Sabrina was doing so well, but has really gone backward health wise this past week. Please pray for her to start coming around again.

These past few children coming to the HOH puts our numbers at 102 children and young people. Please pray as Linda, the staff and I strive to take care of the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of all these precious ones. Please pray as well that God would send us the finances we need to take care of increasingly high numbers of needy ones with prices of everything continuing to rise in our part of Haiti.

We appreciate you all and your prayers are an encouragement to us. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our friend Mark Fletcher, we received news that he was able to return home yesterday to spend a few days with his family before returning to have surgery this coming Monday, so please continue to pray for him and his family.

God bless you all!

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