Thursday, November 17, 2005

Steady On!

Steady On!
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Where does the time go? It's hard to believe another week is almost over, and so much for my attempt to get an update posted at the beginning of the week!

We have continued to receive new children, with several others being admitted this week. We were also able to send a few home, so that helps balance things out a bit. We had asked you to pray for Manouchka who has a very severe case of TB. Here she is pictured with her mother who is staying here with her for a little while as she is a very "high maintenance" child! Once she is better and doesn't need so much care her mom will leave her here for the rest of her treatment. Please continue to pray for Manouchka, she doesn't like to eat anything or take her medications, so that of course makes it very difficult to treat her TB.

Dieunika and Wesley are doing very well, and we think we finally have Sabrina and Kendly back on the road to health again. But please continue to pray for them. A new 8 year old boy named John came in yesterday also with a severe case of TB, he is very sick and could use your prayers as well.

We have had almost a week of rain and wind, with only a few spurts of sun, and believe it or not we've had to finally pull out the "winter" clothes! Everyone received a sweater this week, and is often seen layering up with several layers of clothes to keep warm. I know all of you who are from up North are probably getting a kick out of this, you'll really laugh when I tell you that the actually overnight temperatures have been 79 degrees F. But it feels "cold" to those who aren't used to it, especially with a wind coming off the ocean right through our windows all night.

We thank God for his provision for all of our needs, and appreciate your prayers for his continued provision. As you can imagine, so many really sick children puts a strain on our resources!

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