Monday, October 03, 2005

100 And Counting!!

Good morning, and Happy start of another week! We are finally back online at the HOH, it’s amazing how dependent you get on something like the Internet and e-mail. We are glad to have a reliable system now though, and we’ve even been able to get the Our Hope Kid’s computer online so they can start to learn how to use the computer and Internet/e-mail.

We have received an unusually high number of very malnourished children over the past two weeks. Eight children from ages of 5 months to 5 years old have been admitted to the HOH. All of them have very severe malnutrition. This puts our number at 100 and also the highest number in both Linda and my time here. The names of these new kids are: Rocken (1 1/2 year old boy), Lovena (4 year old girl), Landie (5 month old girl), Mathias (3 year old boy), Sendilia (1 ½ year old girl), and Dieunika (5 year old girl), Blandine (9 month old girl), and Stevenson (10 month old boy). As you can imagine our house is just hopping busy!

Two of these children really need your prayers, Mathias and Dieunika are not doing well at all, their parents are here with them as they are in a bad way. The doctors want Mathias to go to PAP since they aren’t sure what exactly his problem is, Mathias’ parents are not able to take him at this point, and are still seeking the Lord’s guidance on what they should do. Dieunika is just so very malnourished, she is not doing well at all and could use your prayers as she is suffering a great deal.

John Kerry is continuing to improve, he is gaining weight and eating a lot, but has not made any other improvements as far as comprehension or talking goes. Sabrina is doing great, her family came to see her on the weekend and were very surprised at how great she looks!

Carl Evens has finished writing the entrance exam for Med School and now must wait for the results. In the mean time he will write entrance exams for several other studies in case he doesn’t make it into Med School he can study something else, and transfer later on. He will be writing an exam for Dental school starting tomorrow. He really appreciates your prayers. He felt like he did a good job on the first and third days of the exams, but on the second day didn’t feel quite so confident. Please continue to pray for him and for God’s will in his life for this coming school year.

Please pray as well for Evelte. Many of you who have been here in the last year will remember him as the little burned boy in the wheelchair who had an incredible smile and attitude in spite of everything that he’s been through. Well, on Saturday we received news that his mother had passed away. We were all very shocked by the news as we’ve known her for a long time. Evelte took the news hard as he was very close to his mom. Some of the older kids took Evelte to the funeral yesterday. But he could sure use your prayers during these difficult days.
We appreciate your prayers on our behalf very much, and thank God for each and every one of you.