Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prayer needed for Sabrina!

Prayer needed for Sabrina!
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Remember tiny Sabrina who came to us in such a terrible condition we didn't think she'd live? She was doing so well these past few months, putting on weight and starting to really come around. This morning she has woken up very lethargic, and distant. She hardly shows any response to stimulation at all. We are unsure what the problem is, she doesn't have any other symptoms showing us something is wrong. We are running some tests today, pray we can find the problem, and that she'll get back on track. Others who need your prayer are Benitha and Licia who are both not feeling well.

The boat has finally come in, so we are looking forward to receiving lots of boxes and supplies today and the rest of this week. Other than that things are pretty much going as normal. We appreciate your prayers on our behalf. Please continue to pray for health and wisdom for Linda and I as we serve the Lord here. Continue to pray as well for God's provision for our financial needs to function each month here at the HOH.

Pray as well for Maika. Yesterday she left the HOH for good. She wanted to go home and be with her father. We kept putting it off, because we knew what hard times her father was going through, and how difficult it would be for her there, but she just kept doing bad things in an attempt to make us send her home. When her disobedience was here at the HOH we could deal with it, but she finally started to give problems in school and in our local community, and we felt like it was time that we allow her to go where she wants to go. It will not be easy for her, but please pray that she will not cause more problems for her father and will obey him. Pray also that she would grow in her spiritual walk. We will miss her, but we haven't seen her so happy as when she was leaving here with her dad in a long time, so we have to let her go and know that God will still be with her where she is going.

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