Monday, October 31, 2005

Dr. Boucher's visit

Dr. Boucher's visit
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Good morning, and a Happy New week to you!

We had a very nice weekend here at the HOH as our good friend Dr. Boucher came for a visit (pictured here with Linda and I at a birthday party). It's always like Dad coming home for the kids, they love him so much and have such a good time when he comes. He also preached the sermon in church Sunday morning from James 3. He encouraged us all to live with Godly wisdom in the midst of a society that most often shows the opposite of that. It was great to have him with us.

Daphno and Kendly are doing great, thank you for praying for them. This week it's Sendilia, Lovely and Sabrina who aren't doing too good, so you could pray for them. Linda is also not feeling well, and could use your prayers.

We received news from Carl Evens in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, he was not in the top 100 students (out of 3,000 plus who tried) who wrote the Med School exam, so he will not be attending there this year. He is still waiting for news on the other exams (Agriculture/Veterinary/Dentistry), and will then know in which area of study he will enter. We are proud of him for his hard work, and know that God has a plan for him studying something in the university in PAP and are waiting to find out what it is! Please do pray for him though, he was very sad discouraged (as was his friend Toto from up here who didn't make it either) that he didn't make it.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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