Friday, January 22, 2010

Hectic days!

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday, other than getting the list of things we could use online. Our medical team arrived her safely about 9:30 last night. They are already busy this morning, seeing patients and planning out the rest of their time here with surgeries and such. They had a rough trip in being on the road 8 hours after flying into Cap Haitian. They were able to bring in quite a few medical supplies, and also picked up some things from the Cruise ship docked outside of Cap. The doctors here were extremely glad to see them arrive, and even though we haven't ended up with as many patients as they had initially thought, they are very grateful for the help. Please continue to pray for them that they'd be able to help as many as possible, and that others who are in need of help would be able to get here in order to receive it.

Our vehicle is currently in PAP picking the last of our young people there. Lord willing, by tonight all of our "family" will be back home. We are really looking forward to that. The Bouchers have decided to stay in PAP and then head to the US as soon as they can. While we were happy to have them stay with us, we understand their decision to go there instead. Please pray for the guys and the car in PAP, pray that they get home safely tonight, they have a full load of people to bring back.

Last week this time, we had anticipated a lot more people staying in our home, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm being told by numerous people that our numbers are still going to swell, and we do really long to be able to help some of the children who have been left orphaned after the quake, so we are just praying that God would bring to our home those He desires to be here.

I'm feeling really tired today, and can't think of anything else to write! Thank you again for your prayers on our behalf, and your support.

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