Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today's HOH News

I started this update with "not a lot of news today", and then by the time I had finished writing it all had changed with lots of news...So, here goes

A lot of people are starting to make it back up to La Pointe. Numerous ones have been passing through the HOH all day today, telling us their story. We've been helping those we can with clothing, funds and food, as most of them have nothing. So far we haven't had any arrive to stay with us, as they all have family in the area. One boy came by with two of his friends. He had been trapped under his house for 6 hours, and his friends had dug with their hands until they could finally rescue him!

Here's an update on our young adults in PAP:

Toto & Macken (Mme Yvon's 2 boys) were able to meet up with a friend Ernst who came in from the DR. They are going to come back to La Pointe with them, but they need to find Ernst's little sister first. They know she is alive, but they haven't been able to locate in which makeshift camp she is yet. So they are still searching for her. Pray they can find her and all come back here.

Our friend, Ronel Jean, went to PAP today to find his brother Ruben and sister Andrine. He found them, we had been told Andrine had been hit by falling cement, but they had told us she wasn't too bad. Well, that's not the case. It appears that her pelvic bone is broken, she cannot sit, and hasn't been seen by a doctor yet even though she's been taken to three different medical stations. It's a good thing Ronel went down. He's just called and said they can't stay there, there's no care, and nothing they can do about it. He is going to come back here tomorrow, and will likely take one of our vehicles back down to pick her up. She cannot sit, so he needs a vehicle she can lay down in. Pray that we can work out these details, so she can come back and get the care here at our hospital that she needs.

Carl Evens is going to stay with Mme Boucher to help her and the kids out. While their house is unlivable, they still have most of their belongings, so they feel the need to stay there for now. Dr. Boucher is working non-stop helping the wounded, so when he can come home they want to be there for him. He lost both his clinic and the hospital he directed. They seem to be doing ok, and we are so thankful for the 20 minutes we got to talk to them on the phone this evening to catch up on their news. They are managing to find a few things to eat, but not a lot. So we will try to send them provisions with the vehicle going back in. We have offered to take the boys here if it will help them out, so if they feel the need to do that they will. They have not left their neighborhood at all, so while they hear a bit of news every now and again, we hear more about what's going on in PAP around them then they do!

While we haven't heard from her in a couple of days, Marie Ange said she is staying in PAP for a bit. As a nurse she is helping out where she can. She is planning on coming back home as soon as she can.

The hospital we are connected with(CMB) is starting to fill up with wounded that have been able to make it out here. We've sent all our extra medical supplies to them because they will run out quickly (dear friends at Simcoe -- your medical supplies are being put to good use!). Dr. Mozart was exhausted this morning, so you could pray for him and the other Dr.'s and nurses as they treat these wounded. They were told they'd get some extra nurses from the government, but so far we haven't seen them yet.

We also heard that the street kids that some of our missionaries in PAP work with were all found ok today. They can't stay in their house, but they are alive, so we are so thankful to hear that.

In general, we feel better after hearing news from most everyone today. Please keep praying, especially that we can get Andrine up here. And for those who have lost loved ones...everyone has family or close friends who have died, it is so very sad.


manda said...

Jenny, THanks for the update. I was there in the mid to late 90s, once with Sue Curfman and a group of physical therapy students. Would like to come back to help. Who would I coordinate that with?

Unknown said...


How can we help financially?

Chris Hoefer

Clara said...

Hello Jennie
Thanks for keeping us informed.
What is the best way for us to help?
Banff Park Church

Unknown said...

Jenny, Glad to hear your news. We have not heard from Bro. Jean today. He was looking for food too. His church is okay & the hospital in Tamaso is evidently being used. God is awesome- we brought wound care products & casting materials when we came- now will be put to good use. Did not know why we were taking that many casting supplies but now I know. Pelvic fx are painful. Can't do anything except pain management @ this point. Thinking of coming in Feb if I can coordinate w/ a hosp. or clinic. I feel so helpless here. We love you & will keep praying- Toula

westecdel said...

Jenny its Del we made it back in states tonight. Ken George got us flights out of Port de Paix this afternoon. I gave him the request for your doctors to leave Thursday. Call him to confirm a time at 809-919-1583. Also Vance can arrange security for you at the airport. Keep in touch. I just set up a facebook for you and others to get me as well. email, Del Lukasiewicz

Thanks again for yours and Linda'a hospitality