Friday, January 15, 2010

Precious Prayer Warriors

We are so blessed to have so many people holding us up in prayer these days. One of our very young prayer warriors prayed this for us today, "Lord Jesus, I pray for Haiti which is falling down and all the people dead. Please make Haiti stand up and stay up forever, Amen!" To which we add a very hearty AMEN!!

Our sleep last night was cut short as people in the area felt some small tremors early this morning. They panicked, and started yelling and scaring everyone. Soon everyone was calling whoever they knew telling them to get out of their houses...It got everyone here worked up, so we ended up sitting outside with the kids and watched the sun come up!

Today was another busy day, trying to connect people with their loved ones. Again some good and some bad endings, but we are glad to be able to help. We communicated with Dr. Boucher, and he sounded much better today. We are still trying to get our kids out of PAP and up here. We have received numerous requests to keep people who have survived and have no place to go. We are happy to do so, and so are waiting for them to start showing up. We imagine our family growing quite a bit over the next few days, and we are happy to be able to help out in this way.

Thank you for your continued prayers, please pray we can successfully get our PAP kids up here. We are going to try and send someone to them (they have no money to pay the bus fees -- the buses are running, they just need the money). So we are trying to work that out. We had a private vehicle all ready to go today, but at the last minute we found out PAP isn't letting private vehicles into the city anymore. So, we are back to square one. But we did find out the buses are running, so we'll try that angle. We have some friends who are still on their way here, but they should get in pretty soon.

So, with our little friends prayer in mind, we say Amen! and Good Night


Amy McCreary said...

I was afraid you,d be effected by the quake in some way. I figured you'd have some more kids to take care of for a while and that some of the kids families may have been harmed. It sounds like you have a lot of connections to Port Au Prince. I am praying for all of you in this difficult time and am thankful that all of your kids have been accounted for. God bless you all. Love, Amy

islego said...

I spoke with Renel Noel and he told me HOH and Beraca had come through the quake in fairly good shape. Anything we can do from this end to help there at the moment?

Dusty Cooper, IsleGO Missions

Avrum said...

Please let me know how much food you have left, if you have access to more, and if you fear looting or thugs?

Avrum Rosensweig
President, Ve'ahavta: Canadian
Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee